Test Panels

Medical Field

Respiratory Pathogens Coverage
40+ Pathogens of Respiratory Diseases (customizable panels available now!)
Other Infectious Diseases
Such as sepsis, blood-borne disease and mosquito-borne disease
A way to guide therapeutics and monitor drug resistancy during treatment
Important in determining whether a patient has a gene mutation
Plays a leading role in the development of personalized medicine and all-round healthcare management
Eye Diseases
Rapid identification of viral or bacterial eye infections with similar symptoms that require different treatments
Other Medical
Ready to go into other medical specialties and beyond

Non-Medical Field

Detection of contaminants appeared in water, sewage, air, soil and more
Species identification, breeding and GMO identification through rapid DNA testing
Pathogen coverage for terrestrial (e.g. livestock and poultry) and aquatic animals (e.g. fishes and crustaceans) as listed in OIE
Food Safety
Rapid identification of bacteria and fungi in food items or animal DNAs in vegan products
Low cost yet comprehensive health assessments for pets has become possible

Customized Panel

Customized Panel