Accurate and timely diagnosis could assist medical doctors in taking prompt action in prescription and ultimately lowering medical risks. Minimalized operating procedures also help reduce work burden of medical practitioners and the overall healthcare ecosystem.

Cross border travelling is one of the easiest channels in spreading infectious diseases. It is crucial to place a reliable and yet efficient POCT (Point-of-Care Test) with wide pathogen coverage at the border as the first protective barrier to ensure public health and to protect the society.

Children and the elderly usually have weaker immune system and are at higher risk of infection. An easy to operate diagnostic system is a perfect tool for prompt identification of infection onsite.

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, the awareness on epidemic prevention has been strengthened and regular diagnostic test has become a new norm. Many enterprises have started to setup preventive measures inhouse to ease the burden of potential spreading in work environment. With the emergence of the EVDL System, having a diagnostic system internally has been easier than ever.